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Our Curriculum


Weather permitting the children play outside on a regular basis. Fresh air and exercise are an important part of our daily routine. They play circle games, ball type games and many other outdoor group activities.

We request that the children come to school dressed in play clothing. Sneakers or rubber soled shoes are best for playing outside.

Please label all jackets, sweaters, mittens, hats, etc. with your child's name so as to avoid any possible mix-ups.


Nursery & Pre-K Curriculum

Our Nursery and Pre-K curriculum was designed to meet the social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs of each child. Different themes are introduced each month. Through circle time, play time, story time, art and music, the children learn about colors, shapes, numbers, letters of the alphabet, seasons and more. Our goal is to promote each child’s sense of creativity and self-esteem.


The children in our full day Pre-K classes participate in our “Alpha Program.” This reading readiness program teaches letter/sound identification of the alphabet. This is accomplished through music, stories, puppets and art projects related to the letter introduced.

The children in Pre-K are also introduced to number recognition and counting. In addition to this, the children learn size and location words such as large, small, above, below, etc.

Our Pre-K curriculum also teaches children how to write their names on “name tracks.” This work is done in small groups with the teacher. The children receive extra attention and care during this very exciting time in their lives.


Kindergarten Curriculum

Kindergarten is a very important year for your child. It is a time for growth and development in many ways. Kindergarten helps to set the foundation for school years to come.

Our "full day" program offers a variety of exciting and fun-filled learning experiences. The small class size allows the teacher to cover curriculum materials in greater depth. The emphasis is placed on Reading Readiness, Language Development and Math Skills. Topics in Science and Social Studies are also covered throughout the school year.

The children in Kindergarten participate in many different art projects. Time is also provided for aerobics/gym class and music appreciation.

The children follow a routine each day. Playtime is a very important and necessary part of the Kindergarten curriculum. During this “free play” time the children are able to interact with one another as they play in any one of the different centers of the classroom. Outdoor play is also a time for the children to enhance their gross motor skills as they socialize together.

Our program, as well as the warm, personal, caring atmosphere that we provide, helps your child to develop a sense of independence and a positive self-image.


First Grade Curriculum

First grade is a very special and challenging year for your child. Our first grade program at Small World will provide your child with all of the elements necessary to help make his/her first formal year of education a positive one.

The main focus of our curriculum is on “reading,” with emphasis on vocabulary and comprehension. The children are grouped according to their abilities so that we can meet their individual needs.

Math is another important part of first grade. Through the use of many manipulatives, your child will learn about number concepts, time, money, etc.

Handwriting, Spelling, Phonics and English are also taught. Through daily lessons, follow up reviews, projects and homework assignments, your child can build a great foundation for writing skills.

Social Studies and Science lessons are taught throughout the school year. Through these subjects, your child can learn to discover, explore and develop critical thinking skills for years to come.

The development of friendships is still another important part of our curriculum. The day-to-day interactions teach valuable lessons about sharing, caring and working together.

The children in our first grade participate in many art projects, music and gym/aerobic activities. Our goal is to create an environment that will foster your child’s growth in every way. We are sensitive to your child’s needs and always have his/her best interests at heart.


Second Grade Curriculum

Second grade is a demanding year where your child spends time acquiring new skills and builds upon previously learned concepts. It is also a time when your child experiences great academic, social and emotional growth. Small World North's Second grade program will equip your child with the skills necessary to meet these challenges in a positive learning environment.

In Second grade, your child will continue to focus on reading fluently, developing story comprehension and strengthening vocabulary knowledge. The children engage in many reading activities each day in small groups. These groups meet with the teacher to learn new skills, as well as independently to practice previously taught skills. The small group lessons promote social skills and teamwork.

The children also have lessons in writing, which focus on “The Writing Process.” They work on creating various forms of writing in whole class, small group and independent activities. In addition, the Literacy curriculum also includes daily lessons, practice activities and homework in phonics, spelling and handwriting. These all work to strengthen your child’s overall reading and writing skills. During the month of January, the children move from writing in "print" to "script".

Mathematics is another integral part of the second grad daily routine. Each day your child will explore and discover many mathematical concepts including measurement, geometry, time, money, etc. They learn the importance of math in their everyday lives by practicing problem solving and critical thinking skills. The children will achieve these goals through the use of concrete learning materials and games.

In Social Studies, your child will demonstrate an appreciation of self, as well as the diversity of others. They will understand that everyone has needs and abilities that are influenced by geography and culture. In Science, the children learn to observe, collect and organize date, solve problems and make decisions, working both independently and cooperatively.

Second grade students also continue to learn the importance of friendship and conflict resolution as they engage in various group activities. In addition, their physical and creative needs are met through aerobics/gym, music and arts and crafts. We are very careful in ensuring that the unique needs and interests of your child are met here each day in Second grade.

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